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Discover more information about the products offered by Heavenly Free From Foods. We make what goes into our food clear, including our high-quality gluten-free products.

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From dairy-free products to food that is entirely free from egg, we work to provide a spectacular selection of enjoyable, allergen-free food. Browse our products today.

Great Vegan Food

At Heavenly Free From Foods, we make sure there’s something here for everyone. That’s why we offer exceptional vegan food alongside soy-free options.

Avoiding Allergens

We also provide a vast array of allergen-aware products. These help you to avoid allergens – and understand exactly what is in the food you eat.

Contact us today for more information about the free from foods we provide, including gluten-free food.

About Us

At Heavenly Free From Foods, we draw upon more than 30 years of experience to provide high-quality free from foods, including gluten-free food, to a wide variety of customers. A proud member of Coeliac UK, our unique shop is the only specialist free from food provider in The Potteries. Our bespoke products don’t come from the same distributors used by supermarkets or other large chains. That means you can expect high-quality offerings that are carefully selected to help you avoid allergens while enjoying fantastic food.